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Samsung Galaxy S4 scratch test with knif


The Samsung Galaxy S4 features the third generation Gorilla Glass – a special glass that is very scratch resistant, and if it is good also reduces the risk of bursting seriously. Oh well, measure is only to know, and so it is time to test. The scratch resistance at least. Getting Started So, with a pen, assorted knives, keys, and

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Gorilla Glass 3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Gorilla Glass 3 for the Samsung Galaxy S4

A new year, a new smart … no! A new type of glass! As surprising as this may sound, it is about how the boys and girls of Corning their schedules. For 2013, Gorilla Glass 3 on the program, and it seems only logical that the Samsung Galaxy S4 one of the leading candidates for application of this even stronger

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