Keyboard tips for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Although the on-screen keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S4 works fine in itself, there are some little things you can do to make it.


The easiest way is to – if you have your screen keyboard, for example in the email or SMS app – left bottom tapping the toothed wheel (1). Most people are familiar with the possibility of their texts already sweeping to enter – that used to be called Swype , now just Continuous feeding (2). You do not need to enter each letter separately, but can just make words by swiping. Your finger from letter to letter This function was – I seem to remember – standard already checked when I started using my Galaxy S4.

Who is not a fan of this system has a nice further option Cursor control (3). If you check this, you can move the cursor in your text sent back and forth through your finger across the keyboard back and wiping back – sometimes that’s quite convenient. Unfortunately, but logically can Continuous input and pointing devices can not be used simultaneously.

Incidentally, you might have noticed that there is an important punctuation mark to find is not standard on the keyboard. The point is present, but also those who like a comma – or another character – will be able to type directly to the gear icon replaced by a punctuation mark (or and other feature).

Put this your finger slightly longer on the sprocket, and a number of options appear on the screen (4): do you choose for example a comma, then the key was the first cog, now a comma. And even then it is still possible the button a bit longer to touch, in order to call the same.


Moreover, you get into the latter options menu yet another, quite very nice option at: entering and automatically recognize text using the camera (the middle icon in the bottom row). But this possibility is so Geinig, that I was soon on a separate piece wide.


  1. Victoria says:

    Hello. My friend and I have got Galaxy s4. Still we have some options in different manera.. for example, my firend in Samsung Keyboard for the applications (Instagram and Foursquere) in the OPTIONS as shown in drawing 4 above has SMILEs… I do not have them and as i was trying to find out noone has normally them :) where is the diference and how can a have them as well?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Real Ale says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to prevent the keyboard from automatically popping up when going into an app as it often blocks off what I’m trying to read!

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